Alabama Hills Mine Cont. . .

Only a couple of pics left. Here’s the bullwheel from the mine. These things are so impressive. It looks like with only a little elbow grease it could be working again.

And the shaft itself. There’s a big gate around the shaft to protect people from falling in. As you can see, there’s some distance to fall.

Down the hill from the shaft is another tunnel. The Luckey Golden. From the looks of it, this mine was worked as recently as 1987.

It has a gate to keep people out now. You’d be surprised at how many people get hurt in these mines.

While I was there I caught one of these lawbreakers in the act. I warned him, “Pops! Stop! You have too much to live for!” He just stood there smiling. He knew what he had to do.

And so ended our recon trip to the Alabama Hills. We’ll be back up there soon. Now that we know what to expect, and what dangers to steer towards. Umm, I mean steer away from.