Lake Ave. Climb!

Work has been getting in the way of riding this week. That’s the way it goes I guess. We need our jobs to afford us our hobbies, but we also need our hobbies to be fresh at our jobs. So last night I decided to go for a climb. My coworker had just climbed this street on Sunday, so it seemed like a good destination. It was also a goal. I’ve never done a climb this steep or long before. Could I do it? Would I sissy out? Would it have been easier on a lighter bike? Turns out that yes, no and yes would be the right answer.

I wasn’t able to make it in one push though. I had to rest part of the way up.

Here’s the details of the climb.

Lake Ave Climb

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  • I never, NEVER, would have guessed that the elevation at the top of Lake ave, was that high. The highest point I routinely travel past is the top of the Sepulveda pass on the 405. It’s only 1000 feet. Your trip took you half again as high.

    Plus i love the Travelocity gnome aspect of the photo of you.

  • We had small tour in Wales, UK, and had a few hills to climb one of them was 25% (1/4) My partner managed with one stop I ended up walking. I’m sure I would have done it in one go, if I wasn’t riding up there on a fully loaded Surly LHT 🙂

    Cycling in Wales