Solvang Prelude Metric Century

My friend Bruce and I rode the Solvang Prelude this weekend. We both signed up for the Metric Century. Here’s a GMAP of the loop. The mileage doesn’t come out right, but we rode about 65 miles. This was my second Metric Century, so I was more prepared. I traveled lighter, but still could’ve gone lighter. I did better on the nutrition side of things. I think that helped both during the ride and during recovery. I felt fine the next day with no soreness.

Both Bruce and I kept up a good pace, stopping the take some photos and enjoy the scenery. We both felt it would be better if we just enjoyed the ride and didn’t rush. I think this ended up helping.

I borrowed a lighter bike for this ride. After the last Metric on the Surly LHT I was looking for an easier day. The bike was a Salsa Casseroll with standard road gearing. Overall the bike performed great. At the start I had some issues with the shifting, but Bruce helped me sort that out. The only thing I’d change about the bike is the gearing. I think this rear cassette would be a better choice for centuries or any longer rides.

In a sea of carbon bikes and spandex, we both stood out on our steel bikes and wool jerseys. We were both complimented on our jerseys and even got a “Nice Retros!” thrown our way.

Here’s Bruce on his Rivendell Bleriot.

The Salsa Casseroll I borrowed for the ride.

On the way to Neverland.

Two dorks visit Neverland. No sign of any Jacksons anymore.

Almost at the end.

The Bleriot and the Casseroll.