Bike Fit Issues-Any Suggestions?

This weekend’s brevet brought out some serious fit issues on the LHT. I ended the ride with a numb hand and a stiff neck. If I’m going to continue to participate in any more long distance rides I need to sort them out.

The first issue is my hand. After about 60 miles my hand started to get a tingling sensation. At first it was just mild, but as the miles went on, my pinkie finger went numb. I was moving my hands around frequently, but I guess it wasn’t enough. At the end of my ride it was completely numb and it wasn’t until sunday afternoon that I had normal feeling back in my hand, but it still feels a little weak. I’m not really sure how to address this. I hope it’s just a matter of having the bars set too low.

The second issue is definitely a result of the bars I think. I was getting a sharp pain in my neck. It was so bad that I couldn’t turn my neck all the way to the left. This made it difficult to look over my shoulder. Luckily it happened later into the ride, so traffic was at a minimum. This should be cured by moving the bars up as well. I felt really stretched out, which may have been causing the problem too. So I’ve moved my saddle forward to try to minimize that. We’ll see how the it feels on the next ride.

Unfortunately the steerer tube on the LHT is already cut down, so I’ll need to try and source out a new fork. To make matters worse, Surly is no longer producing the LHT in the best color, Olive Green. I’ve got a lead on a possible fork that has been cut, but it may be longer than my fork. If I can’t find one, I’ll have to order a black fork and have it painted I guess. Or maybe I’ll just leave it black. It might be a cool look for the LHT.

Any thoughts on what I can do to address these problems?

  • jennix

    … my Fargo requires me to always place the saddle as far forward as possible, to get my knees over the front pedal spindle when the cranks are horizontal. As a result i have a 120mm handlebar stem to get my arms and shoulders out, and to provide enough room to stand in the cockpit. And I get the tingles after about 5 hours too but…

    Ive decided i dont like the bar angle more than anything else. The flat bars i use just arent working, so Im replacing them with a Jones H-Bar. I fell in love with these on my Niner SIR SS, and im looking forward to seeing how they perform touring.

    • I’ve seen those H Bars and they look pretty interesting. I think that Salsa is now spec’ing(sp?) the Fargo with the Woodchippers. The Woodchippers and the H Bars look like they have a similar hand position, but not as many options to move your hand around on the Woodchippers.

      I moved my seat forward last night hopefully that will help.

  • what issues are you having? looks like you are changing your stem. numbness in hands or feet? tight shoulders, lower back?

    • whoops. it was sent before i was finished. you might check your saddle as well. move it forward 2-3mm can tuck your pelvis underneath you a touch relaxing the muscles in your lower back and keep your rhomboid muscles from making your shoulder ache.

    • Yes, I’m having numbness in my hand. Specifically my pinkie finger. I moved the saddle forward today and shortened the stem. It felt pretty good on my 26 mile commute today, but it felt good before too. It’s on the longer rides that it becomes an issue.

      Thanks for your comments.