Moto Time

I received an email out of the blue this week from an old friend of mine. A motorcyclist, and the leader for my trip to Baja in 2008. I hadn’t kept in contact since my crash and I’d felt bad about it. Bicycling has become my main activity, hobby, passion, (whatever you want to call it) so I don’t have much time to motorcycle any more. Or I don’t make time. Yeah, maybe that’s it. However, I see the KTM 990 Adventure everyday, reminding me to get out and ride it.

I know that I need to make time to ride the moto, somehow. I do love riding the damn thing. I guess I just have a thing for two wheeled travel. I notice that my bikes are setup like my moto. Panniers, racks etc. Ready to go anywhere.

He was inviting me along for a ride, a good one too. His plan is to ride up 395 to Big Pines and then headout to Saline Valley. The trip will end at the annual Warped Trip in Kernville. I let him know that I wouldn’t be able to make this trip, I’ve already got plans for that particular weekend, but I hope to ride with him soon. Maybe Baja, maybe not, but he’s good company to keep, and I’m glad that we’ve kept in contact.

Maybe a weekend trip to the Sierras is in order? Yeah, I think so. Have a great weekend.

  • This makes me want to get a Moto. Great pics.

  • gnat

    Oh My…..You just made my heart stop. Someday I’ll have a 990 adventurer. Someday…….

  • Mike

    Man I do miss riding moto and I really miss my GS.

    BTW sweet KTM!