LA Wheelman Fargo Street Climb

This past weekend was the Fargo Street Climb. It’s an annual event put on by the LA Wheelman on the steepest hill in Los Angeles. Here’s the full writeup from the LA Times website. The grade of the street is 33%!

The record, held by Steve Gilmore, is 101 ascents. This year’s winner was Kent Karnes with 51 ascents. It was really interesting to see the different approaches taken to get to the top. Some people tried to power through it, but the people going for multiple ascents used a serpentine path to the top.

The empty road. Only a few riders have begun their attempts.

Some of the bikes looked like they were spec’d out just for this event.

A lot of the bikes were mountain bikes, with a normal rear, but a skinny front. This Niner looked like it had a special fork too.

The hill is so steep that if you fall it can be very dangerous. Some people had other riders spotting them just in case, and some needed it!

People lined up at the bottom, both to watch and wait their turn.

This rider made captained his tandem all the way to the top by himself!

This guy made one attempt while we were there. I’m pretty sure he made it all the way to the top.

Hope you enjoy the pics. There are more here.

Maybe next year I’ll give it a shot.