Just Like Ridin’ A Bike

The past few weeks I’ve been training for the Hells Gate Hundred in Death Valley. With the help of this book I’ve laid out a training calendar over the 16 weeks leading up to the event. I’ve been following my calendar pretty good for the most part. It consists of 6 days of riding and one scheduled day off. I’ve been driving the truck on the days off, but I realize that these are good days to commute by moto.

Since my crash last year I’ve been resistant to riding the moto. I’ve talked myself out of so many rides that I’ve lost count. The bike is heavy, and I worry about the leg I broke. I’ve been cleared to ride the moto for almost a year know, but it’s taken much longer than I thought to get my head ready.

Today was different though. I wanted to ride the moto in to work. I purposefully kept it to myself. I didn’t want to tell my wife that I intended to ride. Not because she wouldn’t want me to, but I didn’t want to tell her I was going to, and then wimp out. She’s going to read this and think I’m crazy. But she knows I’m crazy anyways, so it’s cool.

So I went out and fired up the mighty 990. Damn, it sounded great. A nice deep rumble that only a twin can make. I wish my legs made that noise whenever I mount the bike. Instead they just make a wimpy moan, and I swear I’ve heard them say “just get back in bed!”.

I took the streets to work, because I wanted to work on my clutch feel. It’d been a while and I didn’t want to stall if I could avoid it. The bike was runnin’ great and I was feelin’ good. It wasn’t long before all my concerns and hang ups drifted away. It felt natural to be on the big moto again. I wanted to skip work and just keep going!

All I could think about at work was the commute home. I wanted to take the long way home, maybe over the mountains, or down along the coast? But Thursday nights are our date nights, so I just headed home. We had a fun night planned and I didn’t want to be late. Besides, now I realize that I can do it, and more importantly my head is into it again. Turns out it wasn’t that hard after all, it really is just like riding a bike!