Urban Adventure on the Salsa Fargo

I’m itchin’ to take the Fargo out on some adventure rides, but work always gets in the way. So when I’m on my commutes, I try and find some alternate ways home. On this day I rode along the train tracks. There’s a ton of graffiti here and they make for some cool backgrounds.

I rode the dirt on this section. It paralleled my normal route on Valley Blvd, but with the benefit of no cars.

I continued down the dirt as far as I could. I was getting crazy looks from the other cyclists on the pavement. I pedaled on to the end, which came to soon. Just a little change of pace makes for a much better bike commute.

Once on the pavement, I heard a hissing. Yep, I had a hole in the tube. It turned out that the adventure had just begun!

At the time I didn’t know how bad it was. I had ridden through a bed of thorns. I patched the hole, reinstalled the tire and realized that there was a second hole. So I started over again, patched it and got the bike rolling. I only got about 1/4 mile before the front started to go soft again. Nuts. I was close to home though, so I figured I could make it with a little help. I pulled over on the way home and added some more air. Luckily it was a slow leak. I made it home and parked the Fargo, then in the morning I see that both tires are flat!

So I pulled the tubes out and set out to patch them. I figured this would be good practice, and there was no sense in just throwing out the tube. Well, 12 patches later the tubes are saved and the Fargo is ready to again. Now I just need to decide, where to next?