Mt. Laguna Bicycle Classic Prep

Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve signed up for another tough ride. Much of the blame should go to Serbrina. She seems to think that I’m more capable than I am. If I have a little bit of doubt, she’s got a ton of confidence in me. So she usually wins, and pushes me to do things that I don’t think I can do. Much thanks to her.

The Mt. Laguna Bicycle Classic is a new event put on by the Adventure Corps. It consists of 3 loops, all climbing to the summit of Mt. Laguna from 3 different approaches. Each loop looks tougher than the previous. All 3 loops total 10,000 feet of climbing!

Here’s the profile.

The elevation gain and mileage for the first 2 loops is very similar to the Hell’s Gate Hundred ride in Death Valley. I’m only planning to ride the first 2 loops anyways. I don’t think I will be able to do the 3rd loop.

I have two plans, one is to try and ride the 2 loops faster than I did the ride in Death Valley. The second plan is to take pictures and really enjoy the day. Of course that blows my time goal out of the window, but it’ll make for a fun day no matter what I end up doing. Either way I’ll be climbing and climbing and climbing. Up to 6000 feet this time though!

I’ve been riding harder and faster for every commute these last couple of weeks. I’ve been standing out of the saddle on all the climbs and pushing the big ring to get my average speed up. I’m already feeling the difference in my legs. I’m working different muscles and it’s showing. I sure hope that it helps me on Saturday. As for Serbrina, she already knows it will.

  • See you there! Say hi.

    • Will do Matt. Been wanting to ride with BikeSwarm for a while.