Bike Commuting Rituals

The joys of bike commuting. The more you do it, the farther you ride, the more you want to ride in bike specific clothing. Carrying a change of clothes adds pounds to you bike fast, but it makes for a better workout in less time. My commute is only one hour, so I tend to push the pace every time I ride. That’s a big incentive to bring a change of clothes.

When I get to work and change, the bike becomes a clothes rack. It works the same way that our treadmill does at home. Right? Here she is, drying clothes.

In the above pic you can also see an Eagle Creek Pack It cube. I’m hooked on these things. I use them for moto travel, car camping, you name it. I can fit 2 or three (depending on the size) in each pannier. They keep loose things organized and make it easier to pack the panniers.

I also keep a pair of shoes. I use Shimano SPD style pedals so it’s nice to have a change of shoes at work. My Keens have a recessed cleat, so I could wear them all day, but it’s nice to to have a regular pair of shoes to wear. Whenever I change my shoes it reminds me of Mister Rogers. Remember him?

After I’ve changed I log my ride in my training diary and on Daily Mile. Then it’s off for some breakfast and time to start the day.

Those are my rituals. What are yours?