Final Day of Organ Donation Awareness Month

With today being the last day of Organ Donation Month, I thought I’d try and share something. A side effect of Serbrina’s liver disease is that she looses blood over time. So every couple of months or so she has to get more blood. This is blood that has been donated by some kind, yet anonymous donors. I guess I’ve been a little selfish, because I have tattoos, so I haven’t been able to donate, but I’m very grateful for the people that do. Someone will be getting all of my organs when my time comes, so it’ll even out in the end I think.

It was timely that yesterday she had to get 3 units of blood. Basically her blood level drops and she needs to be topped off. Like if your car looses oil. The pressure drops and things don’t run right. That’s a simplistic way of describing what happens to her. Her energy level drops and she’s tired more often. So she needs more go juice!

Each unit takes about 3-4 hours to empty, so she’s stuck in a hospital room for hours and hours on end. She brings magazines, watches TV and sleeps. Even though you get to hang out in a bed all day, it’s not a relaxing place to be.

She’s probably the toughest person that I know, although she’d never agree with me. I see what she goes through every day though.

After being inspired by her and seeing what Emathy is doing, I’ve been thinking of a way to do a fundraiser for her. We’ve got some ideas and hopefully we’ll be able to put something together soon. In the meantime, if you are willing or able, here are some organizations that could use your help.

Donate Life
American Liver Foundation
Red Cross
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America

Thanks for reading.