The Sierra Cascades Route!

I’ve been waiting anxiously for these maps ever since the Adventure Cycling Association announced them. I’d like to hike the Pacific Crest Trail someday, but I think even more I’d like to bike (near) it! This is possible on the new Sierra Cascades Route! I knew that they would be available at the end of April, and as soon as they were I ordered them. Admittedly, I’m a map junkie. There’s just something about pouring over a map late at night and looking for new places to explore. Printed on waterproof paper and broken down into foldable panels, these are great maps. One of the unexpected surprises of this route is that it goes near Oakhurst. Oakhurst is only about 30 mins (by car) of Mariposa, where my Aunt lives. So know I have a bike route to her house as well!

Now I just have to find the time to ride this. Do I pedal it in weekend chunks? Or maybe spend a couple months doing the entire route? I can’t do it now anyways, but when the opportunity arises, I’ll be ready!

  • Ken Kistinger

    We must get together to compare what Adventure Cycling has mapped versus what Bil Paul rode in 1990 in “The Pacific Crest Bicycle Trail” (ISBN 0-931255-06-6). My copy is in rather good shape.


    • Yeah, that would be great! I didn’t know there was another source for that.

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