Bicycle Fixation’s Stitching The River Ride

Saturday was Bicycle Fixation’s annual Stitching The River Ride. The ride crosses the art deco bridges that span the LA River in Downtown LA. Serbrina and I were going to ride the tandem, but she wasn’t feeling well, so I rode the Casseroll. There ended up being 2 other tandems there, so with ours it would have made 3! That would’ve been pretty cool.

I passed Lincoln Park where there was a fishing derby going on. The lake was packed with families trying to catch some fish out of the small lake. Next stop, Chinatown!

The ride started and ended at the Central Plaza in Chinatown. When I got there I glad to see that Bruce was there already. He was on his Rivendell Bleriot, and before long there were 3 more Rivendells. A Quickbeam, A Homer Hilson and an All-rounder.

The ride began by heading north on Broadway to the first bridge, and then south to Olympic, crossing bridges all the way.

This was a great ride, and one that you should plan on attending in the future. Thanks to Rick and Gina from Bicycle Fixation for leading us through downtown on this journey.

Stitching The River Ride

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  • Michael Hubka

    Errin – this looks like an excellent ride with all the historic bridges. Let us know when they do this ride again, and we will join you.