Some Much Needed Help

Back in February, when I rode the Santa Barbara 300k brevet, I realized that my bike didn’t fit me quite right. I asked around and kept being referred to Nate Loyal for a proper bike fit. I knew I’d heard the name even before that, but I couldn’t remember where. I made my first appointment with Nate back in March, and he did what everyone said he would do. He dialed in my bike, the Salsa Casseroll, to fit me perfectly. Adjusting and tweaking things here and there, they seemed like little things, but all the tweaks put together made a huge difference. During that first fitting we were discussing motorcycles and it all made sense. He’s a fellow ADVrider, and we have a moto friend in common!

Fast forward a couple months and I took the Surly Long Haul Trucker in to get the same treatment. At the previous fitting Nate had given me some basic measurement numbers, but the different geometries on the bikes made it tough to match up. While he was making his adjustments we talked about his other work, coaching. I’ve been in need of some guidance, especially if I’m going to be able to complete the Super Randonneur series this year. I’m glad to say that Nate is going to help me with some structured training in order to meet those goals. Before I can start I’ll need a heart rate monitor, but I hope to be working towards my goals more efficiently soon. Thanks for the help Nate!