Brevet Prep

This Saturday is the Big Bear 200k, starting in Big Bear (of course) and after the climb up Onyx Summit descending all the way to Huntington Beach, 125 miles away. This will be my second brevet and I’m more prepared than I was for the first. There’s only a minimal amount of climbing on this route, and I think the main challenges will be 3 things. Changing weather (very cold to hot), wind and traffic on the river trail. I can’t control any of the three, but I can carry the proper gear to deal with the weather. I cannot forget my full-fingered gloves this time. I paid a price on the Mt. Laguna Bicycle Classic for doing that, frozen fingers for the first hour or so. We will be higher, and I’m planning on the start being colder so gloves, knee warmers, ear warmers and jacket are vital.

I’ve got some new tires for the Salsa Casseroll. I ordered the Grand Bois Green Labels in a 700×28 along with some Schwalbe tubes. I installed them last night but ran into a couple problems. First, I pinched one of the Schwalbe tubes. These are really good tubes and that means they aren’t cheap. So that was a bummer, but I think it can be patched. The second problem was fender clearance. I thought I had left enough clearance for 28s when I installed the fenders, but I didn’t. At least for the front. The extra bummer is that I cut the fender stays for the front fender and I have no room to adjust them, so I’ll have to order a new fender stay for the front. After the install I took the Casseroll for a quick ride down the block. The tires ride pretty smooth and with only about 85psi in them, they are pretty comfortable.

I think the bike is all set now. Without the fenders, she weighed in at 27.5 lbs. That’s minus water, gps and warm clothing. So she’ll be over 30lbs for sure. Good thing the route is mostly downhill!

  • Woah, all that downhill riding looks phenomenal! Can’t wait to read your report.

  • Ken Kistinger

    Those must be some really WIDE 28s. What size were you running before?

    • I had 25s. It’s not the width though, it’s the curve of the fender.