PCH Randos Big Bear 200k

This weekend was the PCH Randos Big Bear 200k. It timed out perfectly with Stage 6 of the Amgen Tour of California. So we took Friday off to head up the mountain, hoping to catch the finish and then relax for the brevet the next morning. We lucked out, as a couple friends were up at their cabin right on the finish straight (Thanks Rich and Lenny). They let us join them, so we got prime parking and walked around checking out bike displays and various things while waiting for the riders to come in. I only got a couple shots of the riders coming in. I have to work on the action shots with the G10. I did manage to get some really bad video though.

The Schleck Brothers?

Saturday morning we were up early for the 7am start. It was pretty cold, but once we started riding it wasn’t bad. Shaun, who put on the Urban Double, came up to ride the brevet on his fixed gear. He should get a special award for riding fixed on that descent. That must’ve been tough.

The first part of the ride is a climb up to Onyx Summit, but after that it was 33 miles of downhill. There were a couple climbs mixed in here and there, but most of it was downhill. I was blown away by how fast the recumbents were moving downhill. I think I was descending at around 30mph, but the ‘bents went past me like I was standing still! They were truly the fastest on the road.

At the start I met Ryan and his Casseroll. We had seen it on a shuttle the day before so we wondered if he was doing the brevet. His Casseroll was set up similar to mine, with matching Acorn bags. Marcus, Ryan and I rode together up to Onyx and then most of the way to Corona together. It was cool to see another Casseroll owner out there on the brevet.

After the descent, the ride made it’s way through Redlands and San Bernadino where we started the first leg of the river path. The path was paved except for one short section. There were 5 of us riding together at the time. There was a lot of sand in one of the turns and then a hill. All of the sudden it was a Rough Rider event. It was pretty funny to think about the length of the ride we were on, and then a 100 yard section of dirt could wreak havoc! Ryan ended up in the bushes, Marcus fell and Isabel(?) walked up. I missed the shot of the 3 of them walking up the hill. Nuts. Only Dion and I made it up the hill.

Once back on the streets we made our way to Corona for the the second control and some food. The group split up there and Marcus and I made our way to the final stretch on the river path. This was the toughest part. About 30 miles or so of a (strong at times) headwind. I just kept my head down and pushed on. After some time Marcus had fallen off the back so I was alone.

The waves on the beach were a very welcome sight and I was happy to make it to the end. Ryan had made it to the finish about 10mins before me, and Marcus came in about 10mins or so after me. Bruce made it in about an 50 mins later. It was a great ride on a great day. I improved my pace a little bit. I averaged 13.6mph over 126miles. Hopefully my training will carry over to the next one. There are more pictures of both Stage 6 of the Amgen Tour of California and the Brevet here.

Thanks to Greg and Lisa for putting on the Brevet, and to Terry and Amber for working the Controls. Also a huge thanks to my Pops and Serbrina for shuttling us up the mountain and picking us up at the beach. Next up, a 300k again!

Here’s the Garmin Connect data. Interesting to note that the elevation gain was only 3864ft, not the 4056ft listed on the page. The 2 Garmin products are listing different numbers. I’m going to trust the lower number though, as that’s what came out of the GPS.

  • I really enjoyed this brevet, in no small part to being able to draft you guys for significant sections of the ride. It was encouraging to have someone who shared my pace.

    I’ll have to remember to take more photos next time I’m out on the road. Too bad you didn’t get any video of us careening through the sand – that was fun.



  • Bruce Malm

    Nice write up

    Thanks for going the extra mile in the transportation department.


  • It looks phenomenal! All that downhill riding must have been fantastic. Congrats on another big ride.

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