Chantry Flats Climbs

I wasn’t sure if I was going to have to work on Monday, but late Sunday night I was pretty sure that I’d be off. I hadn’t really planned any routes, so I thought that I would head back up to Little Tujunga and try to climb both passes. I set my alarm for 5am and Serbrina did her best to make sure I was awake before she left for work. Bed was too comfortable though, and both myself and the dogs slept in. I woke up at 8am and figured that I could salvage the day by riding to Chantry Flats instead. It’s much closer than Little Tujunga, and all though it’s not as long, I figured that I could ride it multiple times to make up for it.

The ride out was pretty boring. It’s a slight uphill the entire way, with the grade kicking up pretty steep in the last mile or so before the gate. I was passed by a roadie on his carbon bike, but I just focused on my heart rate, trying not to stay with him. I was trying to stay in Zone 1 until I got up to the climb, and I was surprised to catch up to him after about a mile. I guess I was having an easier time with the grade, and that was a confidence builder.

The road up to Chantry Flats is not very long, only 3.2 miles or so, but it climbs up 1200 feet in that distance. Here’s a look at the profile. This is from the gate to the restroom at the top.

Looking up from the Dam turnout. Not quite halfway up.

The first climb I felt pretty good. I was in Zones 4-5 for the entire time. It took me about 30 mins to climb the 3.2 miles. Not fast, but not slow either. Because of the holiday weekend there was a lot of traffic up there. So much so, that I after the 1st climb I considered only climbing it part way, or looking for another road.

On the first descent I saw this huge plane flying by. It sounded amazing, and not too long afterwards a formation of WWII era planes flew by as well. I was too slow with the camera for them though. Anyone know what this plane is?

I ended up making 2 more climbs and felt pretty good on all 3. I climbed them all at about the same pace, with the 2nd being the fastest. Even after the 3rd I felt like I could’ve done one more. By the time I’d gotten home I’d climbed 4600 feet in 40 miles. A pretty good way to end a holiday weekend.

  • I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed that busy road, either. This is the kind of stuff that could make cycling lose its appeal really quickly for me … even though I know it’ll pay off and make you a stronger rider. At least the scenery was beautiful, based on your photos.

    • At least it got better with time. I overheard a ranger telling someone that they had to break up two fights on the previous days. Riding a bike was the way to go.