LA River Ride 2010

Serbrina and I rode the LACBC’s LA River Ride on Sunday. I’d missed it the last couple of years so I was looking forward to doing it this year. We rode our tandem on the 36 mile ride. We had 2 firsts today. The first being that Serbrina had only ridden 18 miles before, she had her longest ride to date. The second is that it was also our longest ride together on the tandem. She’s well on her way to doing her first Century.

The day started out rough. As soon as I loaded the tandem in the truck, I heard a hiss. Damn, again! It looked like the rim strip had caused the puncture. Luckily I had some extra tape laying around, but it was kinda old and it didn’t want to stick to well. 45 mins and 1 pinched tube later we were on the road.

We quickly registered and joined the LACBC. Then we had some time to walk around. They had a bunch of booths to check out including Megan from Moth Attack Bikes and The Great Chiweenie. Both very cool. We even spotted Matt from No Whip riding around.

My favorite moment was right at the start. I looked at the route sheet and saw where we had to go. They actually routed us up the road aways and then we would loop back to where we started on the river path. Well, right as we pulled out of the parking lot everybody took the immediate right onto the bike path! Ha! Everybody took the wrong turn, except for us! We were laughing because no one followed us, they all just blindly followed the riders ahead of them. Like sheep. So we followed the correct route and then caught and began passing people left and right. That tandem can be fast, if it’s flat or downhill.

We spotted about 5 Surlys I think. 1 Cross Check, 3 LHTs and 1 Big Dummy (complete with child seat and a happy passenger). I don’t know why, but I always get excited when I see other Surlys. It must be because their owners tend to be cool people.

The rest stops were well stocked and we made use of them each time we stopped. On the return leg we ran into Carlos and the crew of Eastside Bikes.

Right across the street from one of the rest stops was the Linda Vista Hospital. Serbrina had heard of it before and said that it’s haunted. It’s been used for many film locations. It’s a spooky looking building, even in the middle of the day.

We made it back to the end and received our medal for finishing. That was a nice touch. Many thanks to the LACBC for a great day. On the way home we stopped by the Get Shaved truck for some shave ice. We both had a great time, and we’re looking forward to the next year.

  • Wow, looks like you had a great time. That tandem has to be fun to ride with the wife. I will eventually have to get one for me and my wifey. Congrats to Serbrina on her longest ride to date. Kick ass!

  • Looks like a lot of fun! Congrats to your wife on her longest ride ever.