Bar Space

This weekend is the SLO 300k. This will be my 3rd brevet and my second 300k. I’m planning to ride the Salsa Casseroll, so I spent some time cleaning up the bars. Because of the length of this brevet, you are required to carry lights/reflective gear. On my Long Haul Trucker I have this nifty bar from Peter White that allows me to mount my lights and GPS in front of the bar, keeping room for my hands. However, the Casseroll doesn’t have anything like that, and the Acorn Handlebar bag wouldn’t work to well with it anyways.

So I needed to work on the layout of the gadgets and the bag, and one of the problems was the bar tape. I’m just learning how to tape my own bars and admittedly, they were pretty bad before. So I took the time to retape them, and retape them again last night. In doing so I was able to free up some bar space for the Dinotte light and the Acorn bag’s mounting straps. The tape came out the best I’ve done so far, but the tape itself is worse for the wear. After this weekend I’ll probably have to do it again with some fresh tape. No adhesive backing this time!

I also had to tweak the mount for my GPS. Again because of the length of the brevet I’m carrying a Brunton Solo 3.4 as extra juice. However, the mini-usb cable that it uses to charge the unit wasn’t fitting properly so I had to play with the mount and reposition it a little higher.

I think I have it all worked out now, although I’m not entirely happy. I have a feeling that I’ll be wishing for some more space for hand placement towards the end. All day I’ve been considering riding the LHT instead of the Casseroll, but I think I’ll be faster on the Casseroll. We’ll see come Saturday. I have a goal time that I’m going to shoot for and I feel pretty confident about it. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, should I carry the SPOT with me? Does anyone care? It’s not that much more weight, but the weight does add up. If enough people are interested I’ll carry it, if not I’ll share the track next week. Thanks for reading, and sorry for the bad iPhone pic.

  • Good luck! Looking forward to the ride report/photos.

    I like the way you freed up some more bar space; that device you have on the LHT looks pretty awesome though.

    Regarding SPOT, I think it’s super cool, but I expect to be out riding myself, or out doing something with my wife, so I would not be likely to track your progress in real time.

    • Yeah, that bar is a great piece of kit. Nitto bling too!

  • Good luck Errin. Sweet set up !