Catching Up

This week has been pretty mellow, but I’ve still managed to get a lot done. I’ve commuted twice, and Serbrina and I were able to get the Tandem out one night too. I’ve figured out that I can drop off USPS packages at work, so I’ve been packing my eBay items on the LHT and carrying them to work. Sometimes it’s a challenge getting them to stay put, but for the most part it’s working well.

On Monday night the City of Alhambra made an official proclamation for their “Bike To Work Week”. We heard about it from Carlos from the Eastside Bike Club. So after I rode home from Hollywood, we switched to the Tandem and headed out to City Hall. After the Proclamation we enjoyed some shave ice and then headed home.

On Tuesday night I met up with the Eastside Bike Club again at their weekly meet spot. They were planning a ride down to the Staples Center where the Lakers were playing. I’m not into sports, unless there are wheels involved, so I just hung out for a little while. Everyone was decked out in Yellow and Purple or Green. Carlos even had a huge flag complete with 2 mascots in his backpack!

I’ve already logged 57 miles this week, mostly recovery miles though. I’ve been spinning at a high cadence to keep the legs loose, as they are still a little tired from Saturday’s Brevet. I don’t think I’ll be able to get too many miles in this weekend, due to Father’s Day, but we’ll see. I found some hills nearby in El Sereno. Only problem is that it’s near a panaderia. I hope I don’t stop in for some Pan Dulce. If I do, I won’t get very far.