A New Challenge

Ok, so I’m on the road towards the Super Randonneur series right. I’ve completed my 1 200k (125 miles) and done 2 300ks (185 miles). The next level is the 400k (250 miles), but that’s not until September. In the meantime I need to keep my training going and working towards the next goal. So part of that is using Double Centuries as training rides. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? A Double Century as a training ride? I mean, most people are perfectly happy with a Century, but a Double Century!

So I’ve signed up for the LA Wheelman’s Grand Tour. They have a few routes to choose from. 100 miles, 2 200 mile routes, a 200k route, a 300 mile and 400 mile route. The 200 comes in two flavors, Lowland (not much climbing) or Highland (climbing) routes. After much research, everyone has steered me towards the climbing version, of course! Funny how that works right? I’ve ridden much of the Lowland route, so I won’t be missing anything, but the Highland has some climbs that I’ve only ridden DOWN! That’s right, only down, so heading uphill will be a challenge. I’m up for it though.

I’ve also signed up for the Death Valley Fall Double already. I had such a good time out there on the Hell’s Gate Hundred that I’ve just got to go back. One bonus of riding these 2 Doubles, is that if I can find (and complete) a 3rd double, then I’ll be eligible for the California Triple Crown. This is for people that have completed 3 Doubles in one calender year. It’s going to be tough, as the Death Valley event is the last one, but there’s one in Solvang the weekend after the 600k. I’ll just have to see how my legs are then. I have a feeling that they’ll be toast though.

I’ve removed the front bag from the Casserroll that was cramping my hands, and I’m surprised at how much that lightened up the bike. I shouldn’t be though, as it had a ton of stuff in it. The bummer though is that I’ve found something wrong with the left brifter that I need to get figured out by Friday. It’s making a strange click and has much more play than the right side. It sounds and feels like something is broken inside. I’ve also noticed that my front wheel is out of true. I must’ve hit something at some point. It was that way on the recent 300k Brevet, but it seems more noticeable now. I think that’s an easier thing to address, but we’ll see.

So this is my next challenge. It’s only 10 more miles (roughly) than the 300ks I’ve done, so it shouldn’t be that different. It just sounds different I guess. Like I said, there will be more climbing, but that’s good practice anyways right? Just more time to pedal and learn.

  • Sounds like it is going to be fun – I hope you get your Casseroll rolling in time. The elevation profile for the Highland isn’t too terrifying, and it looks like the weather should be decent (not too hot). I bet you’ll get a chance to do some pace-lining too.

    I was thinking of volunteering but it looks like I’m going to be in Palm Springs this weekend…

    • Thanks Ryan,

      How was your trip up north and the permanent?