Quick Father’s Day Ride

Sunday is usually my long ride day, pre-approved with my lil’ lady, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. With Father’s Day happening this weekend, I knew that I wouldn’t get much riding in. She let me head out early and as long as I was back by the agreed upon time I knew I’d be fine. So I met up with the group and old friend. My long-time friend Jose, who is a brand new dad, joined us as well. We’ve known each other for many years, but Sunday was our first time pedaling together. He still kicked my ass too! Damn.

We did our normal ride out to La Cresenta past the ArtCenter and Descanso Gardens. Not a long ride, but a decent amount of climbing. Best part is the return, which is almost all downhill. I rode the LHT, which is not the best for club rides. I left one of the panniers on, and I didn’t realize until I got home that I had my U-Lock too! No wonder it was so hard climbing! Oh well, it was still good training. It wouldn’t have been as intense on the Casseroll. Plus, the heavier bike falls downhill faster.

I managed to get home an hour earlier than I needed to be. I wasn’t able to see my pops that day but I was able to talk to him in the morning. Made the day worth it. Thanks for everything pops, you’re the best.