Coming Soon! The Kogswell P/R!

I’ve been sitting on this frame for months now, but it’s time to get it started. It’s a Kogswell P/R frame. If you’re unfamilar with the Kogswell, here’s some info. I took the frame out of the box for the first time tonight. I think I’ve had it since March or April. I can’t believe that I’ve waited so long. The fork is not a Kogswell specific fork, and so there are no Canti posts. However, it does have 58mm rake, and if I understand it correctly, it will be perfect setup as a front loader.

I will be building this bike up as my specific Randonneuring bike. I have the rims and tires already. I’ll be using the 42mm Hetres to start, and the hubs should be here any day now. I will also be helping to build the wheels, my first time, so I’m really excited about that. It will be built with a Son Dynamo front hub and a White Industries rear hub. It will be pretty sweet.

I want to have it on the road by August, that way I can get some good shakedown rides before the 400k in September. I’ll be documenting the build and sharing it here. So if you want to watch it come to life check back often.

  • Looking forward to see this one on the road – I bet those Hetres are going to yield a smoooooth ride.

  • rod

    Nice. Can’t wait to see it built up.

  • Wow, love that color too. I am excited to see what it will look like fully pimped out.
    Oh, you should probably water your grass too 😉

  • Those are great bikes, from what I’ve read, I am looking forward to seeing your build!

  • Pops Vasquez

    I like the water your grass comment.

  • Errin –

    Very nice! If you haven’t already checked flickr there’s a pretty good set of Kogswell P/R photos.

    Here’s one to whet your appetite:


    • Thanks Dodger. I’m on the Kog email group and there are always some good looking bikes popping up there. I think the Kogswell will be a great base to build my bike.

    • Is that yours?

      • It’s actually my wife’s, but if the saddle looks a little high that’s because I borrowed it for a quick run to the store. Right now it’s set-up with the milk crate and flat pedals (no clips) for grocery and ice cream runs.

        Can’t wait to see your build!

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