Serbrina’s Long Haul Trucker is here!

It took some time to get here, but it’s here, and she can’t be more excited. I was on the phone in the backyard when I heard the garage door open. She came out and said, “I’m going for a ride!”. And with that she was off.

I didn’t realize it, but she’d been eyeballing mine for some time. After some discussion of what she wanted to do, we realized that she’d be happiest with a Surly Long Haul Trucker. So we ordered a Blacktacular from Topanga Creek Bicycles, and as luck would have it, they were out! It took a little over a month to get it, and the funny thing is that I had to wait a month for mine too. If I knew then how much I would love this bike, I would’ve waited 6 months! These bikes are awesome. Her LHT is setup with Nitto North Road bars, Paul Thumbies, Brooks grips and a matching Brooks Saddle. I think she’s pretty happy with her new ride.

After her laps of the block I grabbed my LHT and we did a short, but fun, ride around the neighborhood. Just a couple of LHTs cruisin’ around.

In the future we’ll be adding some fenders, a rack, some panniers, and I have a bell ready to be installed. We’re both looking forward to many fun miles with the Long Haul Truckers. She’s already planning on her own Century! I guess my rides are rubbing off on her. Enjoy your LHTs, I know we will.

  • Wonderful! I love my LHT and know quite a few others who do as well. I like her setup with the upright bars. Not really sure if those will be good for a century, but for shorter rides I bet they’d be great. They might even work for longer ones, curious to hear about that later.

    The black LHT looks awesome, too …

    I love the way the elevation profile on the 4-mile ride makes it look like there are MONSTER CLIMBS, even though the biggest one is like 30 feet.

    • Yeah, I agree, those bars would not be good for a century. My thinking was that we’d set it up as comfortable as possible for now. I thought that the more comfortable she was, the more she’d ride it. Then we could always change the bars/saddle when she was ready. The funny thing is that she asked me last night if we could change the bars already! Not because there’s anything wrong with the bars, she just wants to work on her century! There’s something about the LHT that makes you want to ride farther than you thought was possible.

  • His and her LHTs, awesome!

    Great setup too, love the LHT in black. Feeling inspired to order one for myself ;).

  • rod

    Love the LHT! Wow, a century. Maybe I should piggy back on Serbrina’s Century ambition! Great build. Years of fun. Would like to see a helmet on, though. How about those thumbies? I’m thinking about putting some road thumbies on my drop bar and running them with dt shifters. The setup with the Northroad is classic.

  • Steve J.

    Thanks for the material. I can’t wait for the day my wife and I have a ride together.

    By the way, you are SO close to where I used to live in Alhambra. Small world.