Plain Clothes Commutin’

Most of the time when I commute to work I ride all the way in and all the way back home again. Because of that I’ve migrated away from just wearing my Dickies, but instead, wearing more cycling specific clothes and then changing at work. Leading up to events though, I need to scale back the weekly miles, so it’s a good time to take the train and wear some plain ol’ regular clothes. The walk through the Farmers Market on the way home was more fun in regular clothes too. Plus Serbrina liked the surprise.

  • Nice flowers…and is that pickled ginger in one of your water bottle cages?

    • No, it’s a small peanut butter jar. Fits perfectly down there and doesn’t interfere with the fenders. I keep an emergency blanket in there. I have room for more tools as well, but right now it’s just the blanket.