Work is a good thing to have, especially right now. Right now, I have none though. That’s a good thing, and an expected thing. For the past four years I’ve been at the same job and one of the perks is we have the summer off. Usually it’s about six weeks off, but it can vary. Last year was only four weeks. This year is about six again, and I’ve got it jam packed with things that I’ve scheduled to do. This list of usual honey-dos of course, but mostly, a lot of cycling.

I’ve been off for two weeks already and the first week I got some stuff done around the house, learned how to build a bicycle wheel and rode my first double century. The second week though, I didn’t do anything bicycle related. Serbrina took the week off and we just spent it together. We visited the farmer’s market, took our niece and nephew to Universal Studios, but generally just relaxed. So far, it’s been the best week of the summer. It’ll be hard to beat, but she’s got another week or so of in a couple weeks, so we’ll see if we can do better. I’m guessin’ we can.

  • Have a great vacation!

  • Have a great vacation.