Kogswell P/R Drivetrain

Things are starting to arrive for the Kogswell P/R. Here’s a look at the drivetrain setup. First up is a White Industries rear hub. This thing is pretty sweet. One of the best parts about it is that it matches the look of the front hub nicely. I plan to build this up next week. Looking forward to this.

Also ready to go are the cranks. I went with a White Industries VBC Crankset in a Compact. Outer chainring is a 48 and the inner ring is a 34. Both rings are black, while the crank arms are polished silver. Very nice looking. I can’t wait to see how it looks on the bike. I think it’s going to look great. What do you think?

  • Those cranks looks mean! From what I am seeing this is going to be one rugged looking rando bike. The black chainrings will go nicely with that frame color. I am jealous.

  • rod

    Very nice. Definitely think this bike’s going to be a looker. Can’t wait to see the final build. Does this mean the Casseroll is the odd man out?

  • Let us know what you think of those cranks – some people seem worried that they are overly flexible (since there isn’t a spider, right?) – but they look great to me. What kind of bottom bracket are you going to put on?

    I’m sure the hubs are bullet-proof either way.

  • Ken

    For a bottom bracket, I’d go with the SKF as reviewed recently in BQ.