Salsa Casseroll, meet Selle An-Atomica

Well, I’ve finally gotten one. (Thanks Kathy!) The Selle An-Atomica seat. After my Double Century I was more convinced than ever that I had to try a different seat out. Up until now I’ve been using a Brooks B17. It’s got about 3000 miles logged on it and it’s pretty comfortable, to a point. I could probably ride 100 miles on it all day long, as long as I didn’t go past 100 miles. Somewhere past that though, and I start to have issues. Yeah, those pesky things called Saddle Sores. So before going to the ‘bent and keeping the beard full time, I’m trying another saddle. Here’s how they compare. You’ll notice that it’s a much longer saddle, and has longer rails than the B-17.

Thanks to the longer rails it’s pretty easy to get right where you want it. The Selle An-Atomica has a slot down the middle and the two sides are able to flex more than a Brooks B-17. It’s a different feel, as it feels like you are sitting more “in it” than “on it” when the seat flexes. Hopefully it will be easier on my pressure points.

I’ve only done a 16 mile ride on it so far, and today I’m in San Diego riding the Rollers To Bonsall 200k. This will be a good test for the saddle. I imagine I’ll have to stop and adjust the saddle once or twice. I hope it lives up to the hype that my friends have given it. Otherwise it’ll just be another pain in my ass. Bah-dump-dum!

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  • Hey, Errin – how’s it working out?

    • So far so good. I had to adjust the seat on the Rollers to Bonsall 200k, and after riding it yesterday I think it needs another one. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. I can feel the difference when I jump on the B-17 that I have on the LHT for the commutes.