Topanga Creek Bicycles Loop and the Surly Pugsley!

Marcus and I met up at Topanga Creek Bicycles to get a morning ride in. He just picked up a Motobecane Single Speed mountain bike and has been itchin’ to ride it. Right as we were leaving Chris was coming back from his morning ride so I confirmed our route with him and we were on our way. We did a short loop, but with a decent amount of climbing. We spotted a huge (to me anyways) rattlesnake in the middle of the road. Right in a section that some hikers had just gone through. They probably never even knew it was there. Here’s our route.

We stopped at The Hub to rest up before the final descent and were talking bikes. Of course! The subject of the Surly Pugsley came up. I was telling Marcus how I wish we had at least some snow to justify having one of these unique bikes. Thoughts of competing in a snow-bike race come to mind. I’ve got a thing for strange bikes and this one just seems perfect in every way. Oh well, time to pedal! We need to get back to the shop. Well, to both our surprise, guess what was there to greet us. Hello Pugsley.

I immediately jumped on it and took it for a spin. It felt much lighter than it looked, but the thought of pushing those huge tires uphill doesn’t sound like fun. They roll over everything though. It feels like riding on pillows. I asked if I could just borrow it for a few days. You know, to ride around the block and scare small children. They weren’t having any of that though. This bike is just too much fun to have around. A perfect shop bike. A perfect Frontage Roads bike!

I guess it’s true. If you just put something out there you set things in motion. Think of the Surly Pugsley and a Surly Pugsley just might appear. Then I woke up to this, and I wonder if the Pugsley will have a competitor. Could there be another awesome bike on it’s way? All will be revealed on Monday.