Busy Weekend

Serbrina and I had family staying with us this weekend. So we spent Saturday doing some touristy things, but things that I’ve never done, even though I grew up here. Funny how we take some things for granted. I now have an idea of how my Aunt’s feel when we visit them in San Francisco and Mariposa.

I did manage to get in a group ride on Sunday morning before a bbq with the in-laws. We rode up to the helipad at Chantry Flats for the first time. It was worth it, and we all agreed that the helipad is the new top. I only took this one pic from the iPhone. I was slacking off in the photo department.

After Chantry we headed towards Pasadena along the foothills and did some more climbing. It was a great route, and was only marked by a flat on the way home. I’m wearing out my tires! I think that I’ve logged about 1000 miles on the tire. So I’m kinda proud of that. In the past I would’ve had to install new tires because they cracked from not using them. Now I change them because they are worn out! That’s an awesome feeling. Gotta keep ’em turning.

  • Looks like a great ride. Doesn’t 1,000 miles seem like an awfully short life for a tire, though, especially an expensive one?

    • According to this review, the tread can wear out as early as 2000 miles. I’ve added up my miles ridden and I’m around 1200 miles. I’ve been playing with the inflation so maybe I just wore it out faster. I’d like to think that it’s the power of my legs that have worn it out, but I don’t think that’s the case.

  • rod

    Maybe it’s time to add equipment reviews to your blog. I think it’s always welcome information for the bicycle intelligensia. Just an idea.