Kogswell P/R Handlebars and Rack

I’ve got the last of the components for the Kogswell P/R build together, and it’s looking like it will be assembled soon. I dropped off the handlebars at Topanga Creek Bicycles on Saturday. I’m going to use the Grand Bois Rando bars from Vintage Bicycle Press. The bars are a copy of the 1940s AVA “Randonneur” bar. They have a very distinct bend to them. I’m looking forward to trying them out.

I’m using the Gran Compe 610 Brake on the front. It’s a really nice looking brake, but most importantly it works with this front rack. I chose this combo because it will allow me to mount a boxy rando bag on the front.

If all goes well the bike will be built up by the end of the month. I can’t wait to ride it.

  • Excellent – are you planning to use it on the 400K next month? Are you putting Hetres on to start with?

    • If it gets done in time, but it might be close. I don’t expect to pick it up until the weekend before. I’d like to get some good shakedown rides before the 400k, and if I can’t I’ll use the Casseroll.

      No, to the Hetres. The front brake only has clearance for a 36mm tire, so I can’t run the Hetres. Kinda bummed, but I think the brake choice is better.

      • Well, that’s too bad – it sounds like you won’t be able to use any of the better 38mm tires either.

        I see there are still some options from Riv, Grand Bois, and Schwalbe in the 32-35mm range – any idea what you’ll try?

        If it is any consolation, those are indeed some lust-inspiring brakes (really all of the latest components from VO have been quite fetching – makes me want to build up a Polyvalent) 🙂

        • I’m going to go with the Grand Bois 32mm tires. They are the same tire that I use on the Casseroll, just wider. So still a really good tire choice.