A Helmet Per Year?

Damn! I’ve only had this helmet for a year! I bought it to replace a previous helmet with the same problem. I think I take pretty good care of my helmets. Sure, they’ve fallen on the ground a few times, but nothing too bad. At least I didn’t think so. I’d like to think that it’s because of all the miles I’ve been riding, but I’m guessing it’s something else. Now I’ve got to get a new helmet by Friday night in time for my 200k on Saturday.

So since I need a new one, anyone got any recommendations for a decent helmet? Also, how long do your helmets tend to last? About the same time, or more?

  • I’ve been using one cheap helmet for several years. It’s a Giro Indicator or something like that. Nothing fancy, but it’s inexpensive, and it’s held up well for me through road biking, mountain biking, and everything in between … not sure why you are having this problem!

    • The two that I’ve gone through were both inexpensive helmets. I don’t know that price had anything to do with it though. I guess that if I have to replace them yearly I’d rather get a cheaper one than a more expensive one.

  • rod

    I really like my Lazer O2. Bikesdirect had them on sale for $76 shipped. That’s not going to help you for your quick turnaround but good to know about. Also, Incycle is having a sale for relocation. You can probably get a great deal on something. They carry Specialized helmets too.

    • I don’t think I can get to Incycle before they close. Might have to hit up O20 or I. Martin at lunch time.

  • I always use Giro’s for road cycling & speed skating, but i use a MET full-face for mountain biking. I have never had to replace a helmet that wasn’t involved in a crash that cracked it. You’re doing something to these buckets.

    That crack looks like what happens when people toss a bucket into a sack without stuffing it full of crap – like gloves, a jacket, etc. – where the helmet is weighted from the crown and based on the edges… in other words, it looks like someone laid it on the ground and stood on it.

    Here’s some advice: Don’t buy cheap buckets. If you’re going to wear a helmet at all, which is of questionable wisdom on a road ride, buy an expensive one. They’re light, they breathe and they will shatter into smithereens when you crash – like they’re supposed to. Helmets should NOT be durable, tough, or long-lasting, unless you never crash.

    Finally, poly-styrene plastic degrades over time. You shouldn’t use a bucket that’s more than 10 years old unless you’ve literally got nothing else.

    • I bet that’s what it was. Packing it in a bag and not filling it with something. I’ve been on a few trips this year and I bet it had too much weight placed on it while travelling.

  • @jennix – It’s my understanding that all helmets sold in the US must meet the same safety standards. (That said, Snell standards still trump CPSC.) Paying more might get you a lighter or more comfortable helmet, but not a safer one. Also, I agree that a helmet shouldn’t crack like that with normal use. Something’s going on… Dodger