Victoria 200k Permanent

This weekend I rode my first permanent. A permanent is similar to a brevet, except that it can be ridden any time. Fellow randonneur Jack has three permanents available, so I contacted him about riding one of his routes this month. While a permanent doesn’t count towards the Super Randonneur series like a brevet, it does count towards the R-12 award. The R-12 is awarded for completing one ride of 200k or more once a month for twelve consecutive months. This ride gives me four in a row, and with the upcoming brevets I’ll be halfway there.

I was planning to ride the permanent solo, but luckily Jack was able to join me. I really enjoyed our conversation on the ride and I learned a lot from him. I’m trying to lay out my own permanent and know I have a better understanding on the finer points to doing so. Now, about the ride.

As you can see from the map below, we covered a lot of ground. I was on my bike in far away places that I’ve dreaded driving too! One of the highlights was riding by the Mission Inn in the city of Riverside and seeing the old craftsman homes. At one point I realized that we were right near my sister’s old apartment in Corona. From there we made our way all the way back to my home town of Covina. It’s a funny thing when riding distances like these. The world seems to get smaller and smaller. Now, just about everything is within pedaling distance.

Overall, I didn’t feel as strong as I’d hoped I would. Within the first 15 minutes I flatted after getting some glass in my tire. Luckily I brought along a spare tire with me, so I changed the tire and tube for good measure and was rolling again in about 12 minutes. Later on, Jack would flat as well, but his happened right at a control, so we didn’t lose any time at all. I was focused on keeping my cadence up, which I did, but my power was down. Looking back I realize now that I didn’t take in enough calories throughout the day. I was about a couple thousand calories down by the end of the day, maybe even more.

I have a good idea on what to change in terms of fueling, and I think I’ll have a good handle on it just in time for the 400k. It’s getting closer now, only two more weeks!

On another positive note, the 2010 results are out for the first half of the year. I’ve ridden enough to qualify for the RUSA 1000k award. Once I complete the 400k and 600k, I’ll move up to the 2000k award. Pretty awesome.

  • Nice work plugging away at your R-12 🙂

    Curious what you’re fueling strategies are for the 400K and what “went wrong” on this ride? Are the Hammer products still sufficing for you, or are you going to rely on some additional calories?

    I’ve found that First Endurance EFS takes care of the bulk of my electrolyte needs while adding a bit of caloric intake. At controls I usually load up on liquids (chocolate milk, apple juice, V8, coconut water/juice, smoothies, etc. – I wonder if beer wouldn’t be a terrible idea either, heh). Throw in some dried fruit (bananas, cherries, apricots, etc), rice balls, cookies, and what not and that’s been working OK for me so far…we’ll see though once the distance gets ramped up.

    See you out there!

  • [you’re = your; argh!]

  • What, no photos?

    Sounds like a fun ride … I have not ridden enough lately. Argh!

    • Yeah, I know. I had my camera with me too. Just didn’t want to stop. I rode early this morning and didn’t have my camera, and there were photo ops everywhere. Funny how it works out I guess.