The Day After

It’s still sinking in. Did I really just ride my bike 250 miles in one day? It seems unbelievable. That’s the distance from Los Angeles to Las Vegas! The world feels much smaller now. Where could I end up if I did that for two days in a row?

I’d been having second thoughts about trying the 600k last week, but now I’m more motivated than ever. 375 miles in 40 hours? Yeah, I think I can do that. Scratch that, I will do that.

  • That is awesome. Isn’t it so strange that the world feels smaller once you are on a bike. When you are driving in a car, the world seems so big. It takes forever to get somewhere by car, but by bike, it is somehow not as painful.
    You asked “Where could I end up if I did that for two days in a row?”. Let me do some math for you. 2×250=500 miles. That is approximately the distance from Santa Clarita to 29 Palms, if you take the long way through Death Valley. I am just sayin’

    • I know, that has been on my mind. I think my time might have been with the cutoff too. Hmmmm.

      • Sorry I don’t drive, otherwise I’d suggest we think about doing a team 508 next year…

        • What do you mean? Where do you have to drive? You just have to ride! And yes, we should think about a team for next year.

          • Don’t team members take turns driving the “support” car? Find me a way around that, and (assuming I’m not in France) sign me up!

  • Congratulations, dude! Freakin’ awesome. Someone with way more experience than I have once said, “nothing changes after 200 miles.” I’m not sure I completely buy that, but I know what he’s sayin’… and I think he means “yeah, you can ride 600km!”

  • Team next year for sure! With a 4 man team, people just take turns driving, it isnt hard. Ryan just wont take a turn at the wheel. No problem!
    I just love the idea of toeing the start line and earning one of those fancy finishers medals. What an adventure that would be.
    Assuming you guys are in to a 4 man team. Count me in! We just need one more.

  • Wow! 250 miles? very impressive.

  • At some point a new pardigm alights. I recall clearly when I had that light bulb moment, realizing that as Kent P says any distance is biking distance. What did it for me was the realization that time, not distance is limiting. I realized I could ride to Montana, or northern BC, down the Cali coast or, from Paris to Brest and back.

    Distance no longer the limiting factor, it was time and all the nagginng annoyances I had burdened my time with. You know: job, relationship commitments, family, other ‘responsibilities’.

    Congratualtions, you’ve just passed through to another dimension where values for distance and time need to be recalibrated.

    (OBTW: adjusting these values throws speed and ‘ride satisfaction’ all out of whack!)

    Yr Pal Dr Codfish