Kogswell Impressions

I’ve got a couple of rides into the Kogswell now so I thought I’d post my impressions so far. First off, the ride is so smooth. I’m running the Grand Bois Ourson tires, which have a max rating of 50psi. They are not the fastest tires, but they completely soak up all the bumps on the streets of Los Angeles, of which there are many. These tires are convincing me that wider tires are better. Having the ability to run a much lower pressure means a much more comfortable ride. One that can last all day long! These tires have tread pattern that would make them perfect for a mixed terrain ride. I was thinking that the “Kogger” (thanks Esteban) would’ve been a great choice for the Rough Riders Rally back in July.

The other thing that I like is the geometry. I’m running a low trail fork. This will allow me to carry weight over the front wheel in my Rando bag. I’ve never ridden a bike with a fork like this, but I’m hooked. The bike handles like a dream. Riding with no hands is the easiest of all of my bikes. It takes a little more effort to initiate a turn, but once it’s turning it tracks smoothly. I can see why Jan Heine likes bikes with this geometry. It really makes my other bikes feel twitchy.

I’m getting more used to the friction shifters mounted on the downtube. They work well, and they make me feel old-timey too. I like how fast I can move the chain across the rear cassette without having to step it down in increments. Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to downgrade my other bikes to this too.

That’s about it for now. I hope to have the rack and bag on next week, and then the fenders shortly after that. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be riding this bike on the 600k in October. I think it’s going to work out perfect.

  • rod

    Good to hear you’re liking the Kogs. Curious about this low trail fork. And some might say that friction is an “upgrade” option to your other bikes. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about the additional accessories to this bike.