A Titanium Fargo? The Spearfish? Salsa’s New Lineup!

Interbike started in Vegas on Monday. The dirt demos have happened already and Salsa has announced their new lineup of adventure bikes. There are two bikes that really interest me. The first being the redesigned Fargo. It’s now available as a Titanium frame with a steel fork. The new frame is suspension corrected so that you can run it with either a rigid fork or a suspension fork. They’ve made some small adjustments, most noticeably a replaceable rear derailleur hanger. Damn, a ti Fargo! That’s pretty awesome. I’d imagine that it’d be perfect on a long race across the US.

Photo courtesy Salsa Cycles

Second is the new Spearfish. A full suspension 29er that’s designed for endurance races. 100 milers or overnight races. How convenient! It’s like Salsa knew that I was going to do my first 24 hour MTB race and want to do more. The Spearfish looks like it would be a great race bike. I’ll have to wait until November to try one out though.

Photo Courtesy Salsa Cycles

What am I going to do until then? I guess I could look for the next race right? Yeah, that’s a good idea.

  • Errin! Funny, I was looking up info about the Ti Salsa Fargo and your site came up!

    • Awesome! BTW- Topanga Creek Bikes has 2 Spearfish in stock. One of them is a medium. Just sayin’.

  • I live in Central West Virginia & operate WV Cycling. What can you tell me about the new, updated Salsa Cycles Spearfish? Have you seen one yet? I haven’t heard much news about this bike on the east coast…

    • Anonymous

      Check out the page at http://salsacycles.com/bikes/spearfish/. The Spearfish is in it’s second year now, so they’ve updated it and added three different builds. I was able to pick up last years model for a steal, but I haven’t ridden it yet. Just got it.