Kogswell Rack, Bag and Lights!

Don’t forget to spread the word about the upcoming “Ride The Divide” screening. It’s shaping up to be a blast. Ok, back to the Kogger!

The Kogswell is nearing completion, with the installation of the Giles Berthoud rack, Acorn Rando bag and Supernova lights. With the help of Serbrina’s dad, I was able to wire up the head light and tail light to the SON Dyno hub. The bike feels different with all the weight moved to the front. Not bad, just different. It’s still as stable as before, and riding no handed is just as easy. The steering is slightly heavier, but that’s it. It will take some getting used to I’m sure. I haven’t had a chance to ride it down a really dark path yet. Most of the streets around here have lights so it’s hard to see just how bright the light is. At first impression it’s not much brighter, if at all, than my Dinotte lights. It’s rated at 300 lumens so I’m hoping that’s just the effect of the street lights though.

In these pics, the light is mounted upside down, but after reading Peter Whites description again, I think it’s better turning it right side up. There is a chance for water to get in through the holes for the wires if mounted upside down.

  • Looks great Errin!

    In the city, the E3 is more of a “be seen” light – but once you get out in the countryside at night, I think you’ll be impressed.

    • I’m sure you’re right Ryan. The light is somewhat washed out by the streetlights. I can’t wait to build up a E3 triple/dynamo for the Fargo for some night mtb rides!

  • Beautiful! It has a nice clean look but you can still haul a reasonable amount of stuff with you.

    • The bag holds a considerable amount. I had a change of clothes and my lunch bag in there this morning. It’s like a big deep bucket.

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