PCH 600k

You probably know by now that I didn’t finish the 600k. I’m still learning how to pace myself both in terms of output and fueling. It got the better of me and I only managed to ride 216 miles of the 375. Still a long ride, but not a finish. However, I’ll be back. In some ways I’m glad. It’s going to make completing the Super Randonneur series that much more meaningful. Anyways, here are some pics and route info. Time to rest up and get ready for the next challenge. Hmmm, what should I do next?

My riding partner.

  • Steve J.

    The Best Buddies Challenge century ride was held last month from Carmel to San Simeon. I chatted up a few of the riders (all roadies) and they were telling me that the elevation change was greater than 6,800 feet published by the race coordinators. It turns out it was actually about 8,100 feet. I’ve driven that route a few times, and it’s no joke. Needless to say, I’m quite impressed with how far you got. You should be proud of yourself.

  • That ride is not an ugly one. I love that stretch from Monterrey to Cambria. The sea lions could probably smell a little better, but overall it is, in my opinion, the best california has to offer.

  • Jim Swarzman

    Hey Errin. You got to ride the Big Sur coast at a time of year (post-Labor Day) with less traffic, and fantastic weather. Can’t beat that! You hit the nail on the head that pacing and fueling are key to completing something like a 600K. And there’s a mental component too — once you’ve pushed through and completed a 600K, you’ll probably finish every one after that. You’ve heard it all before… Focus on small pieces, not the overall distance. Never quit without getting off the bike and eating something first. Etc., etc.

    Anyway, you’re next challenge? For something that’s not as big a challenge, but is A LOT of fun, find a team to ride with on the December 200K Dart.

    See ya out there.


  • Your photos are truly stunning, wow! Phenomenal.

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  • Mel Cutler

    Errin, hang in there. Your photos brought back a lot of memories, especially — oddly enough — the last one at the 76 station in Guadalupe where we chatted up the guy without lights who was riding to Orcutt. [those are my arm warmers and gloves resting on the ground]. Oddly enough, I went through here the following Saturday on the Solvang Fall Double Century, but it was daylight and the 4 hours of riding in the mist had not yet started. Regards, Mel

    • Thanks Mel. I look forward to riding with you again.