Ride The Divide Weekend

What a weekend! A jam packed three days of bikes, new friends and more bikes! It started on Thursday as I picked up the out of towners in Santa Barbara. The cast of characters were all connected by a bicycle. The Salsa Fargo. Jason and Joe from Salsa, who are the reason the Fargo exists. Eric, the Adventure Monkey himself, all the way out from the Flint Hills of Kansas. Last, but not least, Erik from 1gear1cause.org. The man responsible for putting it all together.

They had ridden south from Central California, covering around 250 miles or so, mostly off road. Camping on the beach, braving steep grades and pushing each other to make it south on time. A mini-divide if you will.

Saturday we went to the screening of the Ride The Divide movie in Santa Monica. Everyone that showed up seemed really interested in the movie and bikepacking in general. Joe had his titanium Fargo on display, and Erik had his single-speed Fargo on display too. Another Fargo owner rode all the way down from Santa Barbara for the screening! Afterwards we headed up to Topanga Creek Bicycles for a bbq and a ride. We had a decent turnout and rode some single track and fireroads. A short but fun ride to end the weekend.

The weekend was over too fast. I should’ve taken more pics, but I was having too much fun hanging out with the guys. One of the highlights of the weekend for me was Joe Meiser giving an impromtu bikepacking seminar. I took some notes for my own personal setup and I’ll share those here as I put it together. It was a real mind blow.

Huge thanks to Erik for making this happen. It was a pleasure to finally meet Eric and Jason. Two guys that I’ve been following on their respective blogs for some time now. I didn’t know much about Joe before this trip, but I’m stoked that I got to meet and talk with him. A super funny guy and much fun to be around. All four of these guys are inspiring and have driven me to do more, ride farther and seek out more adventures. Thanks much guys. Can’t wait to do it again. Next time though, I’m riding!!

  • If you don’t have one already, what would you think about starting a “touring bike” mailing list of some sort? Do you know of any LA specific variations on that idea?

    I’m keen to do an overnight bike trip like… 5 or six times a year, easily, but i don’t know many people who enjoy such things.

    • Hmmm, that’s a good idea. I don’t know of any touring specific lists at all, let alone a LA specific one. It’s such a wide range though. From bikepacking set ups like Joe’s all the way to Russ and Laura’s full pannier set up. Maybe such a list could be more for route sharing? Everything from S24Os to multi-days, but based here in LA/San Diego?

      I’ll put a post up on twitter and see if there’s any interest.

  • Once again, cool photos Errin – looks like a great time. Looking forward to more posts about bike-packing as well…

  • rod

    Looks fun, Errin. I’m loving that new Fargo.

  • Errin,

    You and Serbrina were incredible hosts to us! Picking us up in Santa Barbara, driving around the city, leading the ride at TCB, and taking us to the Apple Pan to wrap it all up. Thank you so much. I look forward to riding with you in the future! I miss those hills already!

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