Salsa Fargo Framebag!

The main component to my bikepacking setup is the frame bag. Eric from Revelate Designs built me a custom frame bag for my tiny Salsa Fargo frame. Yes, it’s a small. The idea is to carry the heavier items within the main triangle of the bike, keeping the weight low and centered. I have my camelbak bladder in the frame bag with the hose sticking out of the front of the bag. The bag is great, the only drawback being the limited room due to the small frame size. Once the bladder is in there, there’s not much room for other items.

  • It looks great! Is that a Thudbuster seatpost? Do you like it?

    • Yeah, it’s great. I have a Brooks on the bike right now for comfort, but the Thudbuster makes such a difference that I think I’ll try out a lighter/stiffer saddle.