Malibu Coastal Cruise 200k Brevet

This past Saturday was the Malibu Coastal Cruise 200k Brevet. A fairly flat brevet that just heads north for 60 miles and then turns around and heads south. Nothing challenging, but the since you are riding the coast the scenery is good the entire ride. I wasn’t sure about riding this brevet as I’ve been doing so many rides lately, but Serbrina had plans on Saturday so it all worked out.

My friends Marcus and Ryan were also going to ride so I was looking forward to seeing them. As is becoming the norm, I see them at the beginning and then at the end again. These guys just keep getting stronger and stronger, and in turn, push me along.

My goal for this brevet was not to work on speed, but fueling. I got up early in the morning and made myself some breakfast. I packed a couple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, some nuts and some Larabars. This was my first time trying the Larabars and they are good! Well, at least the “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” one was. The “Cashew Cookie” was just ok. I adjusted the timer on my watch and at regular intervals I had a snack. This seemed to work out pretty well.

We set off just after 7am and went straight up a hill. Marcus and Ryan were quickly in the lead group and I tried in vain to catch them for a little while. Then I got smart. I sat up and waited for the next group on the road. Having ridden the route a couple of times before I knew that I didn’t want to ride alone. There are some stretches that can be very boring and a little conversation can go a long way sometimes. It worked out perfectly. We started as a group of 4, then 6 and for a brief time 9 riders! I’d never ridden with so many people on a brevet before. It was a different experience, but it was very fun. In our group was Nicole, Matthew, Jim, Terry, Barbara(?), Jerry, Greg and Stacy. It was the first brevet for Greg and Stacy and they did great.

The weather was great, with none of the forecasted rain and the wind wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t all positive though. We had 4 flats thoughout the day. Greg was very skilled at timing his 2 flats as we rolled in to the controls. I managed to get the final one of the day just 10 miles before the finish. The Grand Bois Cypres didn’t want to seat properly so we were stopped a little longer than we would have liked.

I used the SPOT tracker on this brevet. I carried it in the map pocket of the Acorn Rando Bag. It made it really easy to push the “Check-In” button. I checked on it a couple times during the day and it looked like it was working well. Next time I’ll try using the “Tracking” feature instead. That way it should be a hands off deal.

Overall it was a great day riding with some familiar faces and meeting some new ones. Thanks to Jim and Nicole for hosting this brevet. See you next time!

Look closely for Matthew doing some "Jazz Hands"!

Jerry's Rivendell

  • Looks like a great time! The scenery is beautiful, but I like how many smiles there are in your photos. Sometimes people take these things too seriously or look pained in the photos, and there’s something to be said for riding through pain, but it’s obvious that everyone is having a great time here.

  • You are right. This was the most enjoyable brevet I’ve done.

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