It’s November! It’s not just time for eating turkey and pie. It means it’s time for Movember and time to grow some lip fuzz. Not just for fun, no, this is for something more important. This past Summer I met Erik Mathy of Erik is an amazing individual and is motivated by one thing. Fighting cancer. Erik and his family are no strangers to cancer and the damage that it can and will do. Having lost at least 7 uncles and 1 Aunt to cancer he’s got a killer drive deep within. He uses his fight against cancer to challenge himself to do seemingly impossible things, and hopefully raising some money along the way. Things like riding his single speed bicycle down the Continental Divide, solo, self-supported. How is he able to do this? He hates cancer. Seriously hates it. And he channels that anger into the courage to push through whatever is ahead of him. He knows that whatever obstacles he faces are nothing compared to what a person goes through fighting cancer.

Prostate Cancer is the main push this month. Movember is the movement and it’s to help fight this specific type of cancer. Now I’ve been lucky in that our family hasn’t been affected in the same way Erik’s has. I can only think of two people that I know that have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Luckily, both of them are in remission. However, it’s a very serious thing, and one that all males have to prepare for. Statistically one in six males will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in their lifetime. That’s pretty slim odds for all of us dudes.

So I’m going to help Erik. I’m going to grow a kick ass ‘stache this month and hopefully raise some money for prostate cancer. Here’s where you come in. My goal for the month is to raise $1000 dollars. Can you help out? Will you help out? Click here to make a donation.

Whatever you can give is much appreciated. Please forward to your friends and family, share on twitter and link to your blogs.