Last week, I became motivated. Not motivated to pedal, but to ride. Ride the Mighty 990. The motivating factor was a payoff. I had finally paid it off. No more staring at it and knowing that I was paying for it and not riding it. Now I could do whatever I want with it. Sell it, keep it, throw it off a cliff. It’s my choice now. For now though, I’ll just ride it. Riding it is the best payoff. It is the Mighty 990 after all.

I headed north, up the coast. It felt good to ride the straight line of Pacific Coast Highway. Time to get used to the beast again. How to slip the clutch, to find neutral. To balance it’s massive weight. Upshifting, downshifting. Some times smooth, some times rough. Every shift is painful. My injured toe presses hard against the top of my boot. A painful reminder of a past ride and gentle reminder that it could’ve been worse. Lots of time to get reacquainted on the way to Ojai.

The roads out of Ojai have more twist to them. Roads that demand a flow. Scrub off some speed, lean it in and roll on the throttle. Left, then right, then left again. Over and over. I think to myself “you used to do this, don’t fight it”. When I relax the bike flows in and out of every corner. When I tense up, the 990 knows it and reminds me. RELAX! Each corner gives me a chance to get it right again. I need more practice, and the corners keep coming. I’m grateful.

  • It looks like a blast! Love the photos, especially the last one.