Salsa Fargo Bikepacking Santa Catalina Island Pt. 1

I hadn’t been there since I was young. So when Bruce asked if I’d join him for an overnighter on Santa Catalina Island I jumped at the chance. I needed to try out my bikepacking setup so this was a perfect chance.

Happening the same weekend was the Red Bull Catalina GP. They used to have motorcycle races on the island, but 1958 was the last year it was held. We met a racer from the last race in ’58 on our boat ride. Everyone seemed pretty excited to see the motos race on the island again. We decided we’d check out some racing before heading for the inland part of the island.

After we’d seen enough of the motos we decided it was time to start our trip by getting out of Avalon. Our plan was to cycle from Avalon to Two Harbors where we’d board our return boat. The island isn’t very long, but it’s hilly, so we had some climbing ahead of us.

The toughest climb is the road out of Avalon. There are grades up to 12% and with the load on our bikes it didn’t take long before we were shedding layers and catching our breath. However, around every corner was another photo op so it was a good excuse to pull over. At the intersection of a couple of roads we heard some voices and then saw some people flying across a Zip Line.

As I go through these pics I realize that there are just too many to share in one post. So I’m going to split them up over a few days. If you have any questions about the bikes, gear or island post ’em up. I’ll answer them here or include the info in the following days post. Thanks for reading.

  • Some impressive vistas there – looks like there wasn’t too much traffic either?

    • No, to travel between the two points you need a permit, so there are not that many cars. Once we pulled off the main road we didn’t even see any people!

  • Yikes! That’s a shocking amount of climbing in a short ride.

    • Yeah, it was a little more than I expected. The weather cooperated with us so we had great views as a reward or each climb.

  • k7

    Very cool pics – looking forward to more.

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