Kogswell P/R Finishing Touch

After cleaning and washing the Kogswell P/R yesterday I mounted up the headbadge. My frame didn’t come with a headbadge so I had Laura from Pathlesspedaled.com make me a custom one. I sent her the logo from the Kogswell Wikipedia page as reference. I wasn’t really sure what I’d get back, but when it arrived I was blown away.

I had a choice of copper or silver. I knew the silver was going to match the bike better, but I still can’t get over how good it looks. The bike looks finished now. It’s just a shame that it sits behind the rando bag.

Today was a great day for a commute, sunny skies, warm temps and a a shiny clean bike. I hadn’t ridden the Kogger for almost a month so I was really enjoying it. It was going well until the rear tube exploded. Oh well, good thing I’m always prepared. Be safe out there.

  • I agree, it looks very nice indeed! Also, I would think you should feel very good giving her your business.

  • Exploded? What happened?

    BTW, great looking badge!

    • The tire just pulled out of the rim. I think I felt it right before I heard it. It felt like I rode over something and then I heard the tube explode. I flatted on the rear on my last 200k, which was the last time that I rode the Kogger. I remember that I was having problems with it seating back then, so I’m thinking that I never really got it to seat properly.

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