Rapha Festive 500 Day One

It’s begun! The Rapha Festive 500 is on and people are already logging the miles, or the kms depending on where you are. I wasn’t planning to ride today, but as the holidays near I get more stressed out. I was getting on her nerves so I just decided to get out on the bike. Yeah, it was late. Yeah, it was cold. But I wasn’t doing anybody any good at home, and these miles aren’t going to pedal themselves. Dave inspired me with his late night ride. So I pulled out the Kogswell and pointed her east. I put my head down and let my frustrations out on the pedals. I rode out to Santa Fe Dam and stopped to take a picture.

I was planning to ride around the dam and then through it, but in the moon light I could see that the water level was really high. Since I was alone I decided better of it and started to head home. I didn’t get any many miles as I’d originally planned, but I got more miles than I would’ve gotten just sitting at home. So 42kms down, only 458kms to go.

  • Hey good effort for your first day… you’ll need to do
    some days where you put in 100kms to make up on the average 😉 If
    you would like to see what its like in China for the Rapha Festive
    500, check here http://tinyurl.com/2e46dwg. Best of luck for your
    riding for the rest of 2010

  • 220km to go 😉 regards from spain.

  • Way to go, man! It’s tough getting out for those night rides sometimes.