Pictures from 2010

Here’s a look back at some of the rides from this year. Most of these are on the Salsa Casseroll. I haven’t been riding it since I built up the Kogswell, but most of the miles I rode this year were on this bike.

From the Hell’s Gate Hundred. I have to go back and finish this.

The Mt. Laguna Classic. Another one I have to go back and finish.

Dueling Casserolls on the Big Bear 200k.

LA Wheelman Grand Tour.

  • You still selling your Casseroll?

    Seems like it would make a great SS or IGH commuter (sell the LHT instead! ;-p)

    • Yes, I’m still going to sell it. I thought about keeping it as a fixed gear, but I have a second Kogswell frame if I want to do that. I think I’m too attached to the LHT to sell it. It’s a better all around bike than the Casseroll. I’ve considered selling it, but then I wise up!