Blogging Hard Work? Yeah, sometimes.

Yesterday I read this great post on Epic Riding. It’s about how much work blogging can be and how tough it can be to fit it into your life. I thought it was a great post and something I could really relate to.

Between working, riding and spending time with my wife (most important) it can be hard to craft a blog post. Especially a good one. It takes time to process photos, upload them and then present them the way I want to. If you read this blog you know that I’m not that good at writing. Whenever I read my friend Ryan’s blog I’m blown away by his writing. It makes me wish I would’ve paid attention in school. Sometimes I even think I should’ve gone to college, but I snap out of that pretty quick. My writing style is just a step or two above being able to string together words in a way that might make sense. I mix in a lot of self-depreciating humor too. I think it offsets the poor english.

This is the hard work for me. The heavy lifting. Trying to craft something that is worth reading. Heck, maybe even good enough that you might (probably won’t) forward it to a friend, and another, and another. Then the pennies will start falling from the sky and I’ll live off of this blog. Back to reality. Sometimes words and thoughts flow easier than others. Other times it’s like pulling teeth to know what to share. Truthfully though, this is just a place for me to share my adventures. A friend once told me that the average reader of a blog is one, the person that blogged it. I know I’ve got a couple more readers than that, so I guess I’m doing something right, right?

Alright enough of that. Let’s talk about the Tour Divide. Since announcing my intention to race the TD this year, I’ve gotten many notes of encouragement. Thanks to everyone. Marcus told me that I’m “living the dream”. He’s right, kind of. It’s a dream to do a tour, but I can’t take the time to do that. So the other option is to race one. Sounds crazy, but instead of taking two months to do the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, I’m going to do it one, hopefully even less. Not really my dream, but it will be a dream ride for sure.

I’ve been doing my training rides on the way to and from work. Intervals on the loaded Long Haul Trucker, which I think helps me get used to the weight. On my rides through LA I get to see some really cool artwork. This huge mural popped up this week. The mural includes the Graff Cats that were popping up last summer or so all over LA. The artist was unknown for a while, but a friend of mine knew who it was. The weird thing is that when I found out who it was, I knew him too! Glad to see he’s back at it. (Click to Enlarge)

This has been a cold week of training rides and wearing some cold weather gear. I could really use a Burt Reynold’s wool jersey in this weather. Until one of those magically arrives I’ve been sporting a cycling cap from The Juice. From the looks of it I’ve been adding my own juice to it. Nice.

  • I think your writing is good — you may not have a flowery writing style, but your writing is clear, and spelling and grammar always seem good to me. I’m excited about following your Tour Divide race, and your preparations for it. I’m envious!

  • Dude, you’re real and people dig that. Personally, I never had a problem with your writing, but I too wish I could write better. Hey, I know people check out my blog and just look at pictures and leave even though I spent an hour or two trying to put together coherent thoughts that mean something. But hey, my mom thinks I’m neato so what more do I need?