Putting Together The Puzzle

My wife and I seem to have a new hobby. She recently told me that she’s always enjoyed jigsaw puzzles. She got one for christmas so we sat down and did it together one night. Well wouldn’t you know it, turns out I enjoy them as well! Working on the puzzle is relaxing. We turn off the tv, turn on some music and just sit at the table trying to figure out this puzzle before us. Sometimes it’s not so easy.

It occurred to me on today’s ride in that our life is a puzzle. Sometimes things fit quickly together, other times it’s hard to figure it out. More often than not, the piece you need is right in front of you, you just can’t see it. I have to work, no way around that, so everything else gets built around that time. Making time for our relationship, training, family and other hobbies start to form the larger picture.

Sometimes though, things just fit together.

  • Great post Errin. My wife picks up puzzles at garage sales abd our whole family sits down together to laugh, talk & work on them.

    Life truly is a puzzle.