Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Last week work was hectic. I didn’t get nearly enough riding in and I’m already falling behind with my yearly goals. To make matters worse Serbrina needed a transfusion on Friday. So our plan was simple. I rode in to work while she drove the truck to the hospital. I took the opportunity to get a long(ish) ride in and once I was able to leave work, pedaled out to join her.

Along the way I saw some new art put up on Sunset Blvd. I’ve been shooting mostly B&W lately, but this just had to be in color. I

I pedaled the Long Haul Trucker all the way across the valley. What used to seem so far away is now measured in pedaling time. I averaged a decent pace, about 13mph, considering the load. The LHT was in full commuter form and weighed in at about 50lb. No carbon here. All steel.

After about two hours of pedalin’ I made it to my hometown of Covina. Kinda weird pedalin’ through here. So much has changed over the years. Soon my Pops will be moving out of Covina and we will have no more ties here. Kinda strange. I stopped by to visit with him and we spent an hour chatting. Thanks Pops, it meant a ton.

I made it out to the hospital just in time. I changed out my cycling gear, loaded up the bike and Serbrina was ready to go in 30 minutes. What a day. Sometimes you have to turn lemons into lemonade.